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The San Francisco Spirit

The San Francisco Spirit Yacht is as lively as the actual spirit of San Francisco. This sleek, stylish looking boat is a premier destination for a multitude of public events and gatherings. A great addition to the Hornblower flee; hop aboard this lovely quaint craft for a sailing experience you won’t soon forget. Keep reading to find out more of what this vessel has to offer.

The San Francisco Spirit

Within its two climate-controlled interior decks, The San Francisco Spirit omits an energetic and elegant atmosphere that’s sure to delight any of its guests. The yacht’s interior opts for bold grey’s and calm brown’s on its flooring and bar tops against its sharp white walls and ceilings. Creating a more serious, dignified tone. Both decks also feature panoramic window displays so you can get great views of The Bay.

It doesn’t stop there. This yacht comes with three bars, two dance floors, and an awesome sound system. The 1st deck also offers an open area at the bow of the ship, and both interior decks have open aft areas at the rear end. You can ponder while you gaze into the California coastline on The San Francisco Spirit’s spacious sky deck.

Keep scrolling down and take a look at the magnificent events we have planned aboard this beauty of a boat. The versatility of the San Francisco Spirit allows for a  variety of events. With 3 decks to choose from this vessel is the perfect way to entertain groups of any size. And features excellent food preparation facilities on board.


Pier 3 - Hornblower Landing
San Francisco, CA 94111

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