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Why You Should Party on our Saturday Night Cruises!

Saturday nights definitely deserve to be enjoyed no matter what the occasion may be. After working hard all week, you deserve a nice break from the stress and to let loose. That’s where we come in! Our Saturday night cruises are the perfect way for you and your friends to enjoy a weekend out like you never have. Get onboard our cruises and take a sail through your city on our amazing ships. Party with us on the seas and leave that work week stress behind! Take a look at the experience that you’ve been missing out on on our Saturday night cruises and check out our available events today!

Your Night on our Saturday Night Cruises

Views of your City

Our Saturday night cruises will take you through your city and treat you to views like you’ve never experienced. Fill your eyes with a view of your city’s skyline and enjoy the landmarks. Our Saturday night cruises will sail you around your city as you party and enjoy the sights over the weekend. If you’re wondering about what views you’ll enjoy, just take a look at our Saturday Night Party Cruise on the Hudson in New York City. This Saturday night party cruise takes the guests aboard on an adventure through the city that never sleeps. Our NYC Saturday night cruises treats guests to views of the Empire State Building, the Freedom Tower, the Statue of Liberty and more! With sights like this being yours to enjoy in the city, you know you’re in for a good time when you get onboard our Saturday night cruises!

Music and Drinks

Our Saturday night cruises will treat you to the sounds of a live DJ onboard mixing and blasting nothing but the hits of the year. Move your body on the dance floor to all of your favorite Top 40, Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, Old School and even more hits! While you dance the night away, we will keep you nice and refreshed with our fully stocked bars onboard. No matter what drink you’re craving for the night, our bartenders will keep them coming. Whether you want a strong drink or something subtle we will definitely keep it coming! Order up all of your favorites and enjoy the perfect Saturday night out with friends and your favorite music!

Weekly Dates

Not only will our Saturday night cruises treat you to views of the city and an amazing party experience, but also weekly dates! Our Saturday Night Party Cruise on the Hudson in New York City is a weekly weekend party cruise that you can enjoy on any Saturday date that is available. Our weekly Saturday night cruises are perfect for celebrating any special occasion or holiday. What’s better than sailing through your city and taking in the sights while you enjoy music and drinks? Check out all of our available Saturday night cruises and book your tickets onboard our cruises in your city! Get ready to make this weekend one to remember when you celebrate with!

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