Party on an NYC Saturday Party Cruise this Weekend!

The best day of the week is finally here, Saturday! Saturday has made it and it’s time for you to enjoy this night out. Yeah, you may be thinking it’s time for you to head out to your favorite local bar or the hottest nightclub, but that’s where you’re wrong. This Saturday night, it’s time for you to enjoy an NYC Saturday party cruise and take a sail out the city. This NYC Saturday party cruise gives you breathtaking views, music all night long, nice cold drinks, and an experience like no other.

NYC Saturday Party Cruise Experience

Instead of standing in a long line to get into the club or waiting for a drink at the crowded bar, make your way to the Skyport Marina this weekend. Take a step on board this amazing and spacious yacht for the night and get ready to party! Have a look at what you’re missing out on and purchase your tickets on board this Saturday!

  1. Stunning Views

    Your Saturday night will be filled with the most amazing views of the city as you sail. The city skyline is a beautiful sight to witness from the sea. The skyscrapers will create an unforgettable image against the night sky. Catch a view of the Empire State Building, the Freedom Tower, and even the Chrysler Building. Sail next to the Statue of Liberty and underneath the Brooklyn Bride this Saturday. No city landmark is off limits when you set sail on this NYC Saturday party cruise!
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  1. Live DJ

That’s right, as you sail through the city music will be blasting all night long! Get down on the dance floor of your cruise and show off your best moves. Take in the sights and enjoy today’s top hits from the Top 40, Hip-Hop, Dance, Pop, and so much more! All of your favorite songs will be playing as you sail through the city and enjoy a Saturday night out like never before! Get away from the crowded city scene and enjoy comfort and space as you dance on this cruise.

  1. Bars on Board

This NYC Saturday party cruise will also treat you to a fully stocked cash bar on board! Whatever you like to drink no matter what it may be, the bartenders on board are ready to serve up. From beer, wine, cocktails, and mixed drinks, no drink is off limits on this cruise! Get on board, get a drink in your hand, and watch as the city passes you by. There’s no better way to experience NYC than with a couple of drinks and a view of the city!

  1. Comfort and Convenience

The best part of this NYC Saturday party cruise is the comfort that you will enjoy as you sail. You won’t be stuck in a space packed with people struggling to move around or get a drink. Your cruise provides you with multiple levels for you to enjoy throughout the night and exterior decks to catch some fresh air. Don’t waste your time at your favorite local spot and give yourself something different this weekend, After all, you worked all week long and deserve this night out! Book your tickets on board today and get ready to experience NYC like you never have!

For More Information:

Take a look at our 21+ NYC Saturday Party Cruise dates and select yours today! If you would like to get in contact with us about our events, click here.

NYC Saturday Party Cruise

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