About Us

After spending hours sitting in a chair at your desk staring at a screen, the one day you look forward to most is Saturday. When it finally rolls around, at times we feel stumped as to how to spend our time. The possibilities are endless, but typically they involve the same venues that include nightclubs, bars, and overpriced lounges.

SaturdayNightCruises.com gives you an opportunity to break that mold by providing you with a unique experience that not only gives you access to some of the top yachts in your city, but hosts phenomenal events on board on the most anticipated day of the week. These vessels feature multiple climate-controlled levels, beautiful and spacious dining areas, and bars where you can order your favorite cocktails while taking in the views all around. Rather than sticking to the stereotypical scene on any given Saturday night, SatudayNightCruises.com serves as the ultimate alternative entertainment service that will undoubtedly peak the excitement that's to come on your weekend.

Saturday nights are reserved for excitement and for peaking out the week, and SaturdayNightCruises.com will help you get that done. Scour the event listings and find the cruise party that's right for you. Once you've honed in on the right event, purchase your tickets and you're all set. It's as easy as that!

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